Vested is a platform for female entrepreneurs to build community, develop skills, and better their business through collaboration, networking, and curiosity. 

Founded by Anna Abel, owner of design studio Cast + Company, Vested was created as an opportunity to expand our resources in the Inland Northwest and support the efforts of other creative female business owners.

Women who are Vested understand the philosophy that through listening, sharing, and engaging we can build a network of inspired, boundless, and synergetic female business owners. We value the support of others (and supporting others in return) in order to achieve our goals. If you have ever felt alone in this wide world of self-employment, join us as we gather for some real, honest girl talk.


>Are you a female business owner? Or do you have a killer plan to become one?

>Do you wish you had a professional support group [outside of friends/family] to lean on?

>Do you value community and social engagement?

>Are you interested in advancing your career and networking with other inspiring ladies?

If you answered yes, you should join us. Vested is a platform for all female business owners, at all stages of entrepreneurship, who are all committed to fostering a collaborative work community.

We will be hosting several events and workshops in the Spokane area so you can socialize with other female biz owners, hear their stories, and have small group deep discussions. Take the opportunity to meet new people, talk about common hardships and achievements, and get an understanding of what other badass ladies are doing in our area. Hosted by Vested members, workshops are meant to enrich your business while showcasing the capabilities of the women in our tribe. We collaborate with the professionals to reveal all the secrets to success. Events and Workshops are limited in space, but if you can’t join every time, don’t worry. The Vested ladies are LIVE all the time on our private Facebook group. There you can ask for recommendations for a local videographer, update the group on a new service you are offering, or simply introduce yourself and what you can offer the women of Vested.


All it takes to join is to grab a ticket to your first event, show up, listen to others, and share your story.

We understand that time is precious, so being a part of Vested requires no long term commitments. Purchase your first ticket to a Vested event and you'll be a member of the freshest boss lady community around. Though not required, we encourage you to stay engaged, to ask questions, to answer questions, and to be present with others like you. We encourage you to stay Vested.


Though we value the experiences of all working women, Vested is curated to deliver a meaningful network for female business owners. Our goal is to develop a strong community among the entrepreneurs, and through the shared experience of owning/operating a business we can do great things. If you’re working on developing a new business but living that #sidehustle life, we welcome you with open arms. Most of us have been there and there’s A LOT to learn. Join us.


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